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Fellow Spotlight – Winsome Christie, ND

I am a clinical pharmacist with training in Traditional Naturopathy, Holistic Nutrition at the Masters and Doctor of Philosophy levels. I also have training in certificate training in iridology, colon hydrotherapy, and reflexology.

In 2019, I enrolled in the AIHM Fellowship to improve my knowledge and skills in Integrative Medicine and to network with like-minded professionals.

I have been practicing as a pharmacist for 30 years and in natural health for 15 years. Because of the unique combination of her education and training, Winsome is now the President of the Pharmaceutical Society of Jamaica (PSJ) that role provides her with a wonderful avenue to promote the ideologies of Integrative Medicine. This is a fine avenue to promote the ideologies of Integrative medicine. From the first Retreat in the fellowship I used the Motivational Interviewing concept taught to us by Dr. Ambrowitz to help implement Medicine treatment Management services in a joint Government -Pharmacist led initiative. The pharmacist in this initiative were trained in some of the MI techniques and will have a second training as well. This year, I have been featured in a TV health report as a representative of PSJ where I exposed the audience to the mindfulness concept and the science surrounding it. These are concepts I learned at the Thomas Jefferson conference which was facilitated by the AIHM. This is to be featured soon. As PSJ President, I have also been able to organize a fundraising event to have national outreach emphasising exercising and mindful techniques which is to be done twice monthly beginning in February 2021. (Title 5K Mindfulness challenge).

How has the Fellowship impacted your personal life?

The AIHM fellowship has impacted my life positively because I am able to take better care of myself and be more mindful of healthy eating and rest.

How has the Fellowship impacted your professional life?

The fellowship presents me with current evidence based information which I am able to share with others.

Has the way you deliver care to your patients changed since you began the Fellowship?

I find that my delivery of care to patients has improved and is a higher quality since I began the fellowship.

What are your hobbies/interests?

My hobbies include listening to music, dancing , playing instruments (violin and piano, steel band). I also enjoy having a good time, travelling and visiting historical places.

Tell us something unique or fun about you!

I enjoy seeing others dancing or performing.

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