Kayla Taylor is a Nurse Practitioner who is currently in her second year of the fellowship program. She has enjoyed using what she has learned from her studies at AIHM everyday in her personal life. Not only has she abandoned her own medications, she also finds joy in the ability to educate family and friends in holistic treatments. Kayla has also been able to apply her new knowledge to her low-income patients who don’t normally have access to high-cost integrative care. She is able to incorporate natural treatments, lifestyle education and disease prevention in all of their treatment plans. The response from her patients has been very positive, they are happy to have options other than taking medications, which many prefer not to take. Kayla provides even more benefits to her patients and increased access through an Instagram page. It addresses various health topics and provides education on natural treatments for these ailments. Previously she would enter a patient’s room and prescribe medications, “constantly chasing the disease and never preventing them from occurring.” Now she takes more time to educate her patients on the cause of disease and is able to recommend behavior modifications that they can incorporate to improve their diagnosis.