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Fellow Spotlight – Michele Marler

Michele Marler is a Family Medicine physician at a FQHC and has been practicing since 1996. She is married to a Family Physician, Chuck Marler, and they have 3 grown children. Michele’s father was in the Air Force and she grew up traveling and living overseas. She has her pet parrot from when she was living in Panama as a child. She has always been passionate about eating your vitamins and not just taking pills, about exercising, and health maintenance and prevention. She has worked in small-town Indiana and then in Montana offering full family health care, from obstetrics to a nursing home.

How has the Fellowship impacted your personal life?

In my personal life, I have started the practice of a daily meditation. I have found it very helpful. It helps me handle my day with more grace and resiliency. I have removed some of the toxic cleansers from our home. Since enrolling in the Fellowship, I have changed my own supplements including the types, the quality and the dosages.

How has the Fellowship impacted your professional life?

Since the first retreat, I have been implementing motivational interviewing. When appropriate and applicable, I discuss probiotics and dietary changes with my patients. I recommend more vitamins and herbals supplements. I spend more time encouraging patients to stretch, exercise, meditate, receive acupuncture and/or massage.

Has the way you deliver care to your patients changed since you began the Fellowship?

Since our Dietary Supplements presentation, course, and activity, I now write supplements and probiotics in a prescription and show patients how to find quality products online. I also give certain patients a printed handout on elimination diets.

What are your hobbies/interests?

I love a good story. I used to ask my grandfather to tell me a story. This lead to me hearing all of the Greek myths by age 4. As a grade schooler, I read to my grandparents when they came to visit. I love to travel and hear other peoples’ stories. I also love food. That also fits in with travel, I love to eat all kinds of styles of cooking.

Tell us something unique or fun about you!

I have a pet parrot (the one I have had since childhood) who loves to sing and laugh and whistle.