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The AIHM Fellowship program is an interprofessional learning experience designed to offer a comprehensive understanding of integrative medicine while enabling Fellows to instantly apply proven techniques to their practice.

As the world’s leader in integrative health & medicine education, the AIHM Fellowship empowers Fellows to fully engage their sense of purpose and give clients and patients a wider spectrum of healing and treatment options. The program also cultivates leadership skills in integrative health.

We are now accepting applications for 2023. We have two cohorts that begin each year: one in April and one in October.

“The AIHM Fellowship is designed to transform healthcare professionals and shift them from their current routine into a new way of thinking. It is a truly collaborative experience that will have you exploring avenues of treatment you’ve never considered, new ways of bettering yourself so that you can better serve your community.

An open mind and an open heart – the keys to better healthcare for all.”

Deepak Chopra MD Founder of The Chopra Foundation Bestselling Author – Abundance : The Inner Path to Wealth



Expand your knowledge with a structured pace around your own schedule.

Experience Immersive Learning

Our interprofessional curriculum and clinical immersions give you practical experience. Working with providers in virtual and clinical settings provides valuable insight into unique approaches to patient care.

Network with a Global Community

Join a community of healthcare professionals across  disciplines dedicated to creating a healthful planet and expanding healing and treatment options globally.

Flexible Schedules

Most Fellows work full-time while enrolled in the Fellowship.   Asynchronous learning allows you to fit the courses into your current schedule.

Inclusive Pricing

Our goal is to provide unique training to as many students as possible by offering scholarships, institutional support, and match programs to qualified providers.

1,000 Hour Curriculum

Flexible Online Learning

ABOIM Approved

Clinical Immersion

Interactive Workshops

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Our next open House will be on March 7th at 5:00 pm Pacific.


The AIHM Fellowship expanded eligibility for the program to include more nurses!

Watch this webinar with Fellowship Director, Erika Cappelluti and visionary nurse leaders to find out why this is a game changer. The Limited-Time Pricing will save qualifying applicants over $10,000!



The AIHM Fellowship program will reinvigorate your career by giving you the skills, tools, and knowledge you need to enhance your practice and positively impact your patients’ lives. You will connect with like-minded individuals, learn with them and from them, and establish long-term relationships that will provide future inspiration and resources.  Our evidence-based curriculum and expert faculty offer a wealth of knowledge that will broaden your current practice paradigm with new and exciting treatment options that focus on whole-person care.



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The AIHM Fellowship Program is a 1000-hour hybrid program for clinicians who are ready to become leaders in integrative health and medicine.

Our interprofessional curriculum and evidence-based approach ensure you have a comprehensive understanding of how to effectively implement integrative health and medicine, while our clinical immersions and interactive workshops give you the network and training you need to apply what you’ve learned immediately.

The content is designed in learning blocks for busy healthcare professionals and is delivered through online courses facilitated by our expert faculty. The majority of the curriculum is delivered in a virtual classroom environment, enabling you to work remotely from anywhere, and is comprised of online content, quizzes, podcasts, video presentations, and dialogues with faculty and classmates.

The AIHM Fellowship in Integrative Health & Medicine is designed for licensed clinicians who have completed a master’s degree or higher. We are currently accepting practitioners in these professions:


Advanced Practice Nurses
Direct Entry Midwives*
Licensed Acupuncturists
Licensed Clinical Social Workers
Medical Doctors
Naturopathic Doctors
Occupational Therapists
Osteopathic Doctors
Physical Therapists
Physician Assistants
Registered Dietitians
Registered Nurses

If you are a licensing or credentialing specialist and wish to verify that one of our Fellows is enrolled in the program or that one of our graduates has completed the program, please submit your request here.

AIHM is a global interprofessional integrative health association working to transform healthcare through body, mind, spirit, and community.

As the global leader in integrative health and medicine, the AIHM Fellowship Program gives fellows access to some of the most innovative minds in the field, empowering you to become an even better provider equipped with newfound inspiration, knowledge, treatment, and healing capabilities.

Join our growing community of professionals committed to creating a healthful planet.





One of the biggest challenges in healthcare right now is that we don’t have a system that focuses on health. We actually have a disease-care system. Healthcare providers have been trained to treat people after they get ill. The Academy of Integrative Health & Medicine is totally focused on keeping people well. How do we create health and not just treat disease? In order to do that, we need to have evidence-based information that translates science into health and healing practice. 

Mimi Guarneri

The Fellowship has taught me how to do medicine in a different way, to connect, to connect better with patients, really draw out what the real issues are, the root causes. I think the Fellowship has made me a better doctor and I think I’m better at doing what I do every day. 

Kathleen Ignacio

I’m gaining the tools and knowledge I need to have a better conversation with my patients. Turns out, they’re as ready for a new approach to healing as I am to use what I learned in the AIHM Fellowship.

Mary Brittain Blankenship

There was a sense of relief in coming together and validation that we have done so far in our independent careers had not been in a vain.

Gretchen Seitz,

As I learn from others, I take the knowledge back into my community to teach other healthcare professionals and my patients.

Deepak Moosad