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An invitation from AIHM Fellowship Faculty, Dr. Joshua Goldenberg, ND
Hello wonderful AIHM community! The Helfgott Research Center together with Dr. Joshua Goldenberg just launched a H2S SIBO Registry. This is a place to track your H2S SIBO cases so we can all learn what works and learn more about this condition generally! The hope is that this will generate preliminary data that will support subsequent randomized controlled trials. If you treat H2S SIBO based on empiric, flatline H2, or the TrioSmart test please, please, please, help out this study and the wider integrative community. This study has been reviewed and approved for exemption status by the Helfgott Research Institute IRB (IRB# JG41321). You as the provider input data about your cases. It takes ~3 min to complete. All information is anonymous. No patient identifying information is used. New entries are possible for each H2S patient/client and you can come back to your case later to update. You can also print out a nice summary for your chart. Check out the survey here and bookmark the url: Feel free to email the primary investigator, who is faculty here at AIHM, Dr. Joshua Goldenberg ( or call him (206 883 0119) with any questions. WE NEED YOUR HELP. THANK YOU! Check out our new BMJ Paper (Low carb diets for diabetes).

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