The most recent Integrator highlighted a post that referenced the serendipitous role of Scientologists in revealing the AMA’s conspiracy against chiropractic. That fact was but the tip of the iceberg of content in a new book, now available for ordering, called Contain and Eliminate: The AMA’s Conspiracy to Destroy Chiropractic.

The book, written by former Chicago Sun-Times medical reporter and twice Pulitzer-nominated AMA beat writer Howard Wolinsky, is a brisk read that is anything but shallow for those in this field. It lowers one into the darkest depths of polarization in US medicine. The book is useful to the non-chiropractor Integrator reader because the campaign against chiropractic was in fact born of conventional medicine’s organized antagonism toward all non-pharma challenges regular medicine was beginning to face in the 1960s-1970s. The chiropractors happened to be the first profession to gain recognition and they took the brunt of the attack. And it wasn’t just the AMA but also the American Hospital Association, the Joint Commission and state medical societies and regulatory bodies who together conspired to go after the chiropractors with a vengeance. The chiropractors’ success was a major breakthrough for all of the rising medical alternatives.

The book was a pet project of Lou Sportelli, DC who raised the funding and recruited Wolinski. Wolinski’s openly calls attention to this conflict of interest. Caveat emptor! What he produced induces a long reflection on a kind of apartheid in US medical practice. In fits and starts, the integrative field is beginning to overcome those intentionally erected barriors. While the integrative field celebrates advances, it is useful to stare hard into this economic war zone into which current integrative struggles to embed itself. Order the book here! Get it in your libraries.

Finally – the Whole Truth about the AMA’s campaign to Contain and Eliminate Chiropractic