The Academy of Integrative Health & Medicine (AIHM) is an interprofessional membership association of diverse health professions working together to transform health care globally—body, mind, spirit, community and planet.

Our members enjoy exclusive networking opportunities through our annual events including the People, Planet, Purpose Conference, our AIHM Wellness Webinars, our Chapter and Student Alliance events, and through our Member Community Site designed to connect practitioners while enhancing knowledge and nurturing productive discussion.



For practicing medical and osteopathic doctors.  

This category is ELIGIBLE to be listed in the Find-a-Provider directory.
$345 /year
Other Licensed/Certified Practitioner
This category is for licensed and/or certified practitioners that see patients including DCs, LAcs, NDs, RNs, APRNs, LMTs, PAs, PTs, RDs, BAMs, C-IAYTs and many others.  
This category is ELIGIBLE to be listed in the Find-a-Provider directory.
$195 /year
Full-Time Student
Students must be enrolled full-time in a health or medical program and MUST use a school email (to be verified) to qualify for this level of membership.
This membership category is NOT listed in the Find-a-Provider directory.
$50 /year
Non Clinical Health Professional
Researchers, Public health professionals, academics, administrators, and other integrative health professionals that do not see patients.
This membership category is NOT listed in the Find-a-Provider directory.
$100 /year
Patients, consumers and advocates of integrative, holistic, traditional and funcational medicine.
This membership category is NOT listed in the Find-a-Provider directory.
$20-$199 /year
Any RETIRED doctor or practitioner can take advantage of this category.    
This membership category is NOT listed in the Find-a-Provider directory.
$9-$99 /year


Official Journal of the AIHM

The Official Journal of AIHM provides AIHM members with a multidisciplinary, open access resource of peer-reviewed research dedicated to integrative medicine and health. 

    Dean Ornish Conference Benefit
    Conference Discounts

    Members receive a discounted rate to attend the AIHM Annual Conference: People, Planet, Purpose ($250 value).

    Free & Discounted CME eLearning

    We regularly provide AIHM Members with free or discounted eLearning including courses offered by partner organizations. (up to $455 value).

    Free Journal Access

    Members receive complimentary access to the following journals: Integrative Medicine: A Clinicians Journal, Advances in Mind Body Medicine, and Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine ($225 value).

    Community Networking & Leadership

    Stay connected with our global community throughout the year via our on-line platform and our in-person AIHM Chapter and AIHM Student Alliance events. Members receive the opportunity to serve as chapter and student alliance co-leaders.

    Find a Provider
    Find a Provider Directory

    A directory for patients searching for an integrative health care provider or for colleague referrals. Members who are practicing clinicians receive a free listing – an invaluable referral tool!

    Volunteer Opportunities

    AIHM membership offers a variety of volunteer opportunities. Help us build courses, serve as a mentor, influence conference development and more!

    Job Listings

    As many integrative providers are starting or growing their practices, the AIHM Career Center is your destination to post job openings, find potential candidates and search job openings.

    Membership Certificate

    AIHM Members receive a certificate of membership that can be updated annually with membership renewal.

    Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

    SIGs provide active AIHM members a structured opportunity to exchange knowledge, explore specific topics in clinical care, research and public health issues, develop collaborative clinical or research projects, and eventually write white papers and inform policy to advocate for specific IHM relevant issues.

    Join a Chapter

    AIHM Chapters exist in various parts of the country to gather fellow healthcare professionals and further the integrative health movement. While chapters receive support from AIHM, they are established as individual groups that host their own events, speakers, and networking opportunities.

    AIHM Student Alliance

    The AIHM Student Alliance is a network of students committed to becoming interprofessional, patient-centered practitioners with a shared focus of integrative health. 

    Free Event Posting

    We post AIHM Events, AIHM Organizational Member Events, ACIH Council Member Events, AIHM Chapter and Student Alliance Events, and outside organizational events and conferences relevant to integrative health.