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For the 11th year, through the ACIH Council, the integrative health community will continue to have a voice on the Global Forum on Innovation in Health Professional Education (IHPE Forum). The IHPE Forum is an ongoing, convening activity of the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine that brings together diverse stakeholders to network, discuss and illuminate issues for the benefit and promotion of health professional education. Currently, there are 37 member-sponsors of the Forum who are academic experts and health professionals representing 17 different disciplines from multiple developed and developing countries – we are the only organization representing the integrative health and medicine disciplines.

Dr. Goldblatt, the current rep on the Global Forum, recently spoke about the importance of this work, stating, “our participation has provided an opportunity to educate all healthcare professions about the contributions to health and well-being that the integrative healthcare professions provide. Having a seat at this table is invaluable to the integration of the integrative health and medicine professions into mainstream medical practice.”

ACIH have been a member of the Global Forum since it’s inception. We have made significant impact in educating the members about the licensed integrative health and medicine (IHM) disciplines, the importance including IMH disciplines in mainstream healthcare education and clinical practice, and shifting health care systems to have more focus on disease prevention. We have also impacted topics such as health and well-being, health professional burn-out and the importance of self-care.

“The Global Forum is one of the most important projects that the ACIH Council has been involved in and we are thrilled that the ACIH Council representatives, Elizabeth A. Goldblatt, PhD, MPH/HA, former ACIH Chair and David O’Bryon, JD, CAE, immediate past ACIH Council Chair will continue this work,” said AIHM Executive Director, Tabatha Parker, ND.  Additional information and publications on the forum can be found here. New News from the Global Forum!