Do you have an Oxygen Machine your are not using?  DONATE THIS WEEK to help Hospitals in Mexico!

Dear friends –

BlueWave Medicine has created the Oxygen Scarcity Fund that will donate money and Oxygen Concentration machines to hospitals in Mexico that are in desperate need. If you are not familiar with this dire situation, I encourage you to read the WSJ article “Oxygen scarcity swells COVID’s death toll” and the NYT article “Mexico’s death toll becomes the 3rd highest, surpassing India“.  

We are able to embark on this initiative thanks to the support of ProximityParks LLC and the Academy for Integrative Health and Medicine.

ProximityParks LLC has arranged transportation into Mexico and under the recommendations of the Mexican Ministry of Health, has identified hospitals in greatest need in the State of Nuevo Leon (at the border with Texas).

The Academy for Integrative Health and Medicine, a 501c3, has created a donation page to provide financial support to train local hospital staff, ensure adequate supplies (tubing, nasal cannulas, oxygen masks) to operate these machines, and support the State of Nuevo Leon Ministry of Health.



If you are interested in making a in-kind donation of your machine(s) to the Oxygen Scarcity Fund please complete this form.

If you are interested in making a financial donation to the Oxygen Scarcity Fund to support training the hospital staff in Mexico and providing adequate supplies (tubing, oxygen masks etc) you may contribute with the form below.

Thank you for your support during this most challenging of times.