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Chase Billotte

Chase Billotte

Doctor of Physical Therapy (PT) and Certified Pilates Instructor
Fellow Candidate for the Academy of Integrative Health and Medicine

Clinician for a Federally Qualified Health Center in San Diego, CA named Family Health Centers of San Diego – Employee since 2016

Experienced in treating both outpatient and inpatient settings, and currently working with outpatient adult and pediatric patient populations

Received “Provider of Compassion Award” 2019

Graduated from Emory University 2014, with his Doctorate in PT and received Bachelors in Environmental Education at University of Redlands 2006

He served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Nicaragua until 2008, and as a result is better able to serve his Spanish speaking patient population

He strives to help a person heal to optimize functional movement by crafting a plan of care for each patient that correlates with their level of change in both a mental and physical manner, by working alongside the patient and other health care providers to do so.

He has an array of knowledge in the fields of anatomy/physiology related to functional impairments, exercise prescription, manual therapy, health & wellness and nutrition

Chase “likes to move or be moved,” and often experiences this with travel, being involved in various recreational activities and while spending time with friends & family.

“Often times in the health care profession the healers are overlooked, when instead they should be incorporated in the patient/provider healing process of health care as AIHM promotes, because in the end we can only give what we have.”