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David Drake, MD

David Drake

Dr. David Drake is a Department of Veterans Affairs physician who serves as the Director of the Interventional Pain Clinic at the Richmond VA Medical Center (VAMC). In 2011, he was involved in building their medical center’s first integrative medicine program. Since then, he has worked to offer and expand integrative health locally as well as nationally – in collaboration with the Department of Defense (DoD), the nation’s largest employer.

As the Whole Health Champion at the Richmond VAMC, Dr. Drake established the facilities first Whole Health Committee and the first Whole Health Consult service. He interfaced with the DoD to expand acupuncture services by training providers and creating a VA-DoD Consensus Statement which would serve as a standard of guidelines for acupuncture treatments provided by the two departments.

Dr. Drake practices include zazen, martial arts, healthy/clean eating and mindfulness.