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Mike Hogan


Michael Hogan is the CEO of Folio Investments, Inc., an innovative market leader in Financial Technology. Prior to joining Folio, Mr. Hogan was Chief Operating Officer for Harrisdirect LLC., one of the first online brokerage firms. He spent a significant part of his career at Lehman Brothers in New York as well as time with the New York Coffee & Sugar Exchange. Mr. Hogan has worked with high-ranking Congressional and Administration officials to shape a wide range of legislation and regulatory policy relating to technology and financial services, while also serving as a member of several financial services industry organizations. Throughout his career Mike has focused on integrating new ways of thinking about existing problems to make effective, client focused solutions available to everyone. His experience working with regulatory policy, technology, and transformative business models compliments AIHMs goal of bringing alternative modalities and additional information into the mainstream of Western Medical thought and practice.

Mike received his JD from Emory University Law School and his bachelor’s degree from Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri.