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Restorative Practices

We are a precision wellbeing firm and global trans-disciplinary alliance that marries the cutting-edge of neurophysiology and data science with ancestral awareness technologies of wellness creation to turn on the root drivers of human flourishing. Our core areas of competence are applied mindfulness, neurophysiology, social justice, deep nature connection, cultural linguistics and Indigenous Life ways. We have spent twelve years building the world’s most qualified team to do this with 45 mentors and advisors from more than 20 disciplines of wellbeing, more than20 cultures, and with well over 1,000 years of experience


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Gabriel Kram
1005 Northgate Drive, Suite 219
San Rafael, CA 94903
844.737.8772 extension 1

Gloria Yamato

Doug Woodson, LMFT

Mizahn Evans

Morris Allen

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We have created what may possibly be the world’s most sophisticated clinician-curated mind-body wellness platform.

This is the analog app to our deep learning platform.

This is the Official Interactive Polyvagal Theory poster, another analog app to our learning platform

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