Special Interest Group

In April 2022, AIHM launched Special Interest Groups (SIGs) as a new membership benefit. SIGs provide active AIHM members a structured opportunity to exchange knowledge, explore specific topics in clinical care, research and public health issues, develop collaborative clinical or research projects, and eventually write white papers and inform policy to advocate for specific IHM relevant issues.

SIGs will have an opportunity to develop high-impact projects and resources around important issues or areas of clinical relevance that can benefit other members and the public. SIGs will also provide leadership and mentoring opportunities.

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Our Current Groups

Anna O'Malley, MD

Allyship with Nature Special Interest Group

SIG Chair, Anna O’Malley, MD

Integrative health and medicine practitioners are well positioned to step into allyship with the natural world. Holding the lineage of the healer archetype inherently connects us with the healing found in the nature. It also invites us to remember the trauma within that lineage, from witch hunts in Europe and the criminalizing of indigenous medicine practices in the United States and beyond, to the current tormented realities within the healthcare system. Aligning our healing efforts with the natural world is healing for the healers, too. An “Allyship with Nature” Special Interest Group within AIHM would serve to engage AIHM members and the integrative medicine community in learning, listening, collaborating, and creatively leaning into the opportunity to engage in healing alongside nature and those who are deeply attuned therewith.  I feel honored to be showing up for the Earth and all its inhabitants, as a healer, by chairing this SIG with AIHM.  I look forward to meeting other like-hearted allies!


Scarlet Soriano, MD

Food Sovereignty Special Interest Group

SIG Chair, Scarlet Soriano, MD, ABOIM, FAIHM

This AIHM Food Sovereignty Special Interest Group aims to explore challenges and emerging solutions related to the equitable production, tending and distribution of healthy food at various scales; with emphasis on creative solutions that Integrative Health practitioners of all kinds can engage in, advocate for, and disseminate. We will explore policy, research, education, storytelling, history, arts and direct community action within the topic areas. As a SIG community we will determine key priorities and specific actions we seek to bring about.

Please join us as we immerse ourselves in a celebratory, innovative exploration of the intersections between the health of our planet and communities with our application of principles of equity and sovereignty in food production nationally and internationally, through the lens of Integrative Health.


Brad Jacobs, MD, MPH, ABOIM

Psychedelic Medicine Special Interest Group

SIG Chair, Bradly Jacobs, MD, MPH, ABOIM 

The field of Integrative Medicine is well-suited to embrace this emerging cultural and scientific renaissance.  The principles of Integrative Medicine and the core AIHM values are well aligned with the ethos and practice of Psychedelic medicine — Optimal Health, Whole Person, Innate Healing Power, Prevention and Treatment, Relationship-centered care, Individuality, Teaching by Example, Learning Opportunities.  Therefore, The AIHM Psychedelic Medicine Special Interest Group is well suited to serve as an ambassador of AIHM and the field of Integrative Medicine at large. The SIG will engage the AIHM membership and the larger integrative medicine community in awareness building, organizing, collaborating, and learning.

We are on the precipice of a revolution in the use of Psychedelic Medicines and accompanying indigenous practices for healing individuals, society and even the planet as we realize our inextricable interconnectedness to all living beings and mother earth herself.  I am honored to chair the Psychedelic Medicine SIG to help create a community of like-hearted souls who share passion for this emerging field.