The Better Nutrition Program

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The Better Nutrition Program™ (BNP) provides personalized nutrition and lifestyle solutions. We partner with practitioners to achieve better outcomes, more easily. Founded by practitioners for practitioners, we recognize that what your patients need to be successful with your recommendations often challenges you and your practice’s resources. BNP offers 4 types of solutions:

  • The BNP Toolkit™ – 100+ white-label patient education and marketing materials developed to show your patients their needs, and how your practice will help them achieve their goals. Regularly updated, available in Spanish and as digital tools in most practice management systems.
  • BNP Programs™ – app-based virtual programs featuring live sessions with their personal coach, unlimited messaging, expert education, personalized experiments and trackers for ongoing evaluation. BNP programs function as an extension of your practice and there are no monthly fees; you can choose to revenue generate or pass savings on to your patients.
  • BNP Coaching™ powers your practice with the support your patients need at every step. Overseen by BNP Clinical Team™, coaches implement your recommendations and provide real-time feedback to help you adjust those for faster, better outcomes.
  • BNP Enterprise™ offers employers and businesses a full-suite of customizable personalized nutrition solutions and consulting.

The Better Nutrition Program™

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